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AKA Cleaning machines are an Authorised Distributor for THOROUGHCLEAN High-Pressure water cleaning equipment.

Since 1984, THOROUGHCLEAN has specialised in designing and building the toughest and most robust high-pressure water cleaning equipment on the market.

THOROUGHCLEAN pressure washers are well known, respected and widely used by equipment hire companies, truck wash bays, professional contractors, winning companies, industrial workshops, various companies cleaning heavy industrial equipment and many others across the country as well as offshore.

THOROUGHCLEAN Over-engineer their pressure cleaners – on purpose.
Why? To ensure your investment is a good one and that it will last long after all the others have failed.

Every THOROUGHCLEAN pressure cleaner is backed by a promise that it has been
“Over-Engineered – On Purpose!”
With this philosophy firmly in mind, THOROUGHCLEAN continue to manufacture small to medium volume runs of standard and customised machines.