Commercial Vacuums In South East Queensland

Servicing Queensland, The Sunshine Coast and surrounding Areas

At AKA Cleaning Machines we have a great range of Specialty vacuums designed specifically for the health care sector with high-grade Hepa-filters form the HEPAMEDIC range. See the latest in Hybrid wide area vacuums.

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  • ghibli-t1-cropped

    Backpack – GHIBLI T1 v2

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  • mytee-lite-1

    Extractor – MYTEE LITE

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  • hf6-capsule-2

    Tub Vac – Hepamedic Capsule HF6 Pro

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  • ergo-380-2

    Up-Right – Hepamedic Ergo 380

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    Up-Right Vac – Lindhaus LS38 L-ion

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  • hepamedic-wide-area-vac-500-1

    Upright Vac – Hepamedic Hybrid Wide Area 500

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  • ultralight-pro-2

    Upright Vac – Hepamedic Ultra Light Pro

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