Abrasive Blasters


At AKA Cleaning Machines sell the Envirasponge range of “Sponge Blasting” equipment as well as the various grades of sponge blasting Medium

EnviraSponge has been specially developed to provide a low-dust environment for surface preparation. Sponge blasting with EnviraSponge provides clear visibility and reduces the need for dust suppression and on-site dust extraction.

EnviraSponge is a sponge-coated abrasive, available in a number of different grades suited to particular surfaces. e.g. Steel Grit for the removal of the thickest coatings (greater than 100 microns).


  • Low Dust – Contaminants are contained at the source, resulting in less dust to collect – although the operation isn’t dust free, there is a reduced need for dust suppression and extraction.
  • Superior surface preparation in confined environments.
  • Keep your sensitive equipment protected.
  • Recyclable.
  • Improve operator visibility, meaning less re-work.
  • Greater operator safety – low abrasive rebound; low dust.
  • Reduce down-time – other trades can work simultaneously.
  • Dry surface preparation.
  • Replace mechanical cleaning tools for faster and easier treatment of curved surfaces with a near-perfect finish.
  • Enhanced surface cleaning and chloride removal from steel.
  • Creates a surface profile of 5 – 100 microns on steel.

EnviraSponge’s dust containment and its ability to perform dry make it well suited in a production environment. Increased productivity and reduced down-time can be achieved because EnviraSponge allows confined spaces to be cleaned without affecting sensitive equipment.


From INTELblast we also have available their IBL Abrasive machines which can blast a variety of media (Granite/Lava/Soda). The solution too cleaning of many surfaces ranging from very soft and fine cleaning of wood to paint stripping is the use of Lava or granite in a low pressure vacuum injection system.

The NEW Rotosoft 10 is a compact low cost system for use with a wide variety of Blast medium.

The weight and size may be small, but the power is outstanding. An easy to handle abrasive blaster to be used with practically all blasting media such as granite, garnet, glass, soda etc.

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    IBL Abrasive

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  • Rotosoft 10

    INTELBLAST RotoSoft 10 Abrasive Blaster

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