At A.K.A. Cleaning Machines we have partnered with Finance@Work to offer competitive and easy to finance options for all your equipment needs.


With industry experience totaling over 14 years in the equipment finance arena, Finance@Work is well equipped to insure they provide you with not only a high level of service but also an understanding of how to best structure a finance program for you.

This includes an Operating Lease or Renting facility to give you the control over the acquisition of your business equipment. You can upgrade or add on equipment without penalty. With the rental facility, payments are treated as 100% tax deductible when the equipment is used for business purposes. You can also save time and money by consolidating all your business equipment into a single payment, simply by bundling your equipment into one rental!

Predictable Cashflow, Preserved Capital With Rental, your capital lines of credit are conserved for core business requirements: Rental does not impact on your ability to borrow from your bank when you need it. In addition, Rental provides the security of a predictable monthly payment with no residual value liability – you have the equipment you need, at a constant, known cost.

‘Don’t wait for your equipment to generate you income, put finance to work today’

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