A.K.A Cleaning Machines

At A.K.A Cleaning Machines we aim to supply quality cleaning machinery to suit our customers various requirements. We have a range of equipment that will offer cleaning solutions for a wide range of cleaning situations. Whether it’s a hospital operating theatre that requires a high degree of sterilisation without the use of chemicals, removing heavy build-up from commercial kitchens or delicate cleaning around machinery where the use of moisture is not possible, we are sure to have the solution.

Based in South East Queensland we offer sales & Service to all areas of Qld and Northern NSW and we have a strong focus on our regional customers. We have sales and service representatives based in Townsville who look after our north Queensland customers. We offer full after sales service and can supply programmed maintenance on the machines we sell.

We have a range of equipment from Floor Scrubbers, Sweepers, Steam Cleaners, Dry ice Blasters, Vacuum cleaners and Parts Washers for both domestic and commercial applications.

We are authorised Queensland distributors for ‘Duplex Cleaning Machines’ and we have several years experience selling this equipment into various industries with a strong focus on the health and aged care industries. The DUPLEX range includes products from the Amazing DUPLEX floor scrubbers to market leading TECNOVAP steam cleaners.

We are also authorised distributors for FIMAP Scrubbers, Sweepers and Vacuums. FIMAP offer a great range of battery and mains powered machines as well as larger petrol or gas powered machines.

A Brand NEW addition to our range is the INTELBLAST Dry Ice Blasting machines. We have been appointed Australian Distributors for this innovative and extremely effective way to clean especially where contamination from moisture would present a problem. Dry Ice Blasting has for almost 50 years been used in industries that require gentle but effective cleaning without the use of chemicals or water.

Since DRY ICE is not adding any material that needs to be collected, it thereby gives the cleaning operator a perfect opportunity to reach and clean areas and parts that normally only can be done by hand. DRY ICE blasting offers cleaning without a mess. No use of water or chemicals. No destruction of surface.

We are also Queensland distributors for the BIO-CIRCLE™parts washer that is comfortable to use and eco friendly, and it offers the optimal solution to any parts cleaning requirement. Even heavily contaminated parts are cleaned in a fast, secure and ecofriendly way; the VOC free liquid has a very long lifetime; the BIO-CIRCLE costeffectiveness cannot be beaten.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to being of service to you in the future.